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Crowd Gates up to 50 ft Wide For Holding Pens up to 300 ft Long

All-Air Driven & Controlled, no Electricity Anywhere
  • 8-AM compressed Air Motor with 60:1 Gear Drive
  • Drive centered on gate
  • ​Lifts anywhere in the Holding Pen
  • Returns overhead group of waiting cows
  • Auto-Stop In front and back
  • Caterpillar chain for hose management - No coiled hoses, which are difficult to control for Holding Pens more than 150 ft long 
  • Price on request

42 ft gate installed at the Moxey Dairy In Gooloogong, Australia
Caterpillar Chain with three hoses for 'Up' - 'Down' - 'Forward' and 'Reverse'
HomeAbout TFAParlor PlanningProductsParlors for SaleGermania PartsRecent ProjectsTech SupportContact

Crowd Gates